The Continental Divide Region has announced the establishment of a Hall Of Fame. The purpose will be to preserve, protect, and record accomplishments and history of and within the Continental Divide Region for current and future members of the region through recognition of  those members who have made significant impact on the region,  motorsports in general, or the development of the region, or to recognize those members of the region who have significant achievements in motorsports. The award could be awarded to a non active member if in the opinion of the nominating committee that individual or organization  deserves recognition by this region.   Nominations for this award must be submitted in writing by region members  to the nominating committee by 1 September each year. The committee may consider up to 5 nominations per year but  have no minimum number of selectees  during any given year meaning that there may be no inductees in that year. Nominees not selected in a given year may be reconsidered in a future year. Those selected by the nominating committee will be inducted into the Hall at the Annual Meeting each year or at another venue deemed appropriate for the presentation of such an honor.

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