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Continental Divide Region


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  • 03/03/18

    Registration is open for May Road Racing events.

  • Holidayparty

  • 09/06/17

  • 09/06/17

    CONTINENTAL DIVIDE REGION SCHEDULES 2017 ANNUAL MEETING The Continental Divide Region has scheduled its 2017 Annual Meeting for 8 pm on October 10, 2017 at the Overdrive Raceway on the north end of Colorado Springs. Overdrive Raceway is an indoor go cart track. CDR will be offering a $5 discount on one race for all CDR members who attends. We will also have a raffle for three free races and will recognize the fastest three recorded times. Racing will start at 5 pm. We are planning on serving dinner at 7 pm (Peppersteak or Teryaki Chicken) and the meeting will start at 8 pm. Registration will be on and will open on 10 September 2017. Cost is $20 per person. COME OUT AND ENJOY A NIGHT OF FUN, CAMARADERIE, AND REGION BUSINESS!! For more details feel free to contact Corky Newcombe at Or you may reach me on my cell at 719-360-8743. SEE YOU THERE!!

  • 08/22/17

  • 03/31/17

    A Celebration of the Life of Brenda Abbott will be held on 15 April 2017 between 2pm - 4pm at the On The Border Mexican Grill 2190 Southgate Road in south Colorado Springs 80906. Please join us as we remember a remarkable lady who gave so much to the Sports Car Club of America, the Continental Divide Region, and Club Racing in Colorado. Brenda was a founding member of the continental Divide region and a longtime Registrar. She also served three terms as the region's Regional Executive. Brenda passed away on 7 December 2016 but her legacy will live on with the CDR. All friends who knew her are invited to join us as we remember her in this special way.

  • 01/12/17

    Ross Bentley is a performance coach, race car driver, author, and speaker. His performance coaching specialty is in Motorsports. Ross grew up in a racing family (father was a race mechanic; brother mechanic/driver). Ross was one of only 7 Canadian drivers to race the CART Indy Car Series in the 90's; continued into endurance racing winning the GT3 United States Road Racing Championship and the 2003 SRPII Class Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. He has written a series of racing technique and strategy books called Speed Secrets which includes one book on Autocross Techniques. Ross will be our Keynote Speaker During Lunch and will conducting a three hour segment from his Speed Secrets Series of books. He will also be our featured speaker at the Solo Awards Banquet.

  • 01/04/17

  • 11/04/16

  • 10/20/16

  • 10/02/16

  • 09/25/16

  • 09/20/16

  • 03/26/16

    The Continental Divide Region is starting a Road Rally Program. Our first event will be on 7 May 2016. Registration will open at 8am and the first car will depart at 9:30. Contact Road Rally is a competition run on public roads obeying all traffic laws. It is a lot of fun and allows people to get out and have a nice drive on public roads while competing with others. Our first Rally will be a GTA Rally (Game, Tour, Adventure). You compete following a set of directions and answering questions along the way. It can be a lot of fun and ends in a social gathering. It requires a driver and navigator and any driver who who has a valid driver's license may compete. Any street legal car is eligible. You do not have to have a Sports Car. For more Information and or for pre-registration contact Corky Newcombe at

  • 03/25/16

    The Continental Divide Region has announced the establishment of a Hall Of Fame. The purpose will be to preserve, protect, and record accomplishments and history of and within the Continental Divide Region for current and future members of the region through recognition of those members who have made significant impact on the region, motorsports in general, or the development of the region, or to recognize those members of the region who have significant achievements in motorsports. The award could be awarded to a non active member if in the opinion of the nominating committee that individual or organization deserves recognition by this region. Nominations for this award must be submitted in writing by region members to the nominating committee by 1 September each year. The committee may consider up to 5 nominations per year but have no minimum number of selectees during any given year meaning that there may be no inductees in that year. Nominees not selected in a given year may be reconsidered in a future year. Those selected by the nominating committee will be inducted into the Hall at the Annual Meeting each year or at another venue deemed appropriate for the presentation of such an honor.

  • 02/13/16

  • 02/13/16

    Your Continental Divide Region was awarded the 2015 SCCA Tom Burke Award at the Sports Car Club of America's National Convention in Las Vegas on 23 January. This award is presented annually to Regions for exemplary efforts to activate and grow the SCCA. Continental Divide is a multi faceted region that offers a variety of motorsports events and competition for our members including Club Racing, Solo, RallyX and most recently added the Street Survival Program. We are also in the initial planning stages of a Road Rally Program. The Tom Burke is the 3rd Award won by our region in the last seven years and in winning this award beat all other similarly sized SCCA regions across the country. Congratulations to all the hard working CDR volunteers and competitors who share in this prestigious award.

  • 02/13/16

    2016 Continental Divide Region Board REGIONAL EXECUTIVE Corky Newcombe SOLO DIRECTOR Arnie Coleman ASSISTANT RE Jim Millard RALLYX DIRECTOR Tommy Kilpatrick SECRETARY Charlie Seffrood DIRECTOR Bill Seifert TREASURER Bob Klingler DIRECTOR Lindsay Wilson

  • 11/07/15

    2015 Awards & Christmas Party

  • Annualmeet2015

    PLEASE RSVP; reply to this email by 10 PM Thursday 12 Nov. Cost is $20 / person cash or check at the door NOTICE: CDR ANNUAL MEETING @ Johnny Martin Car Central same place as last year. :) 1 South Nevada Ave. Suite 110 (Park on the street in front)

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