Continental Divide Region Announces New Road Rally Program

The Continental Divide Region is starting a Road Rally Program.
Our first event will be on 7 May 2016.

Registration will open at 8am and the first car will depart at 9:30.

Contact Road Rally is a competition run on public roads obeying all traffic laws. It is a lot of fun and allows people to get out and have a nice drive on public roads while competing with others. Our first Rally will be a GTA Rally (Game, Tour, Adventure).
You compete following a set of directions and answering questions along the way. It can be a lot of fun and ends in a social gathering. It requires a driver and navigator and any driver who who has a valid driver's license may compete. Any street legal car is eligible. You do not have to have a Sports Car.

For more Information and or for pre-registration contact Corky Newcombe at

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