SCCA Solo is the most motorsport fun you can have in your car.

Solo is the SCCA brand name for autocross. SCCA-CDR has partnered with the Colorado Region to run one of the most successful Solo series in the nation, Rocky Mountain Solo.

Solo is a the easiest, fastest and most affordable path to motorsports competition. Entry fees are low (weekend memberships are available), and stock cars are welcome. Extraordinary safety measures like roll cages, harnesses or fire safety systems are not required. 

Solo events take place in parking lots and airstrips, on a course laid out with traffic cones. Speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in highway driving, and courses are laid out with safety utmost in mind. SCCA-CDR events are currently held on the autocross course at Pikes Peak International Raceway and at the Colorado Springs World Arena.

You'll find a class for nearly every car (except for cars that are prone to excessive roll, like most SUVs, full-size pickups and minivans). Chances are you own a car that you can bring to a Solo event; whether it's a new Corvette or a 1980's Honda Civic, all cars are fun to drive at the limit.

For complete information on getting started, schedules, registration and classing, go to

See you in the grid!